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Online Exhibits

map The Mathematics of Web Design
What does web design have to do with math? Lots. This exhibit, part of a lecture during Math Awareness Week, covers resolution, bit-depth, graphic file formats, and hexadecimal colors--a mathematical bag o' tricks for web developers. Sponsored by The Biology Project.
map The Mathematics of Morphometrics
Quantifying the effects of second-hand smoke on developing lungs would be impossible without math. Learn how digital imaging is used in conjunction with morphometry to reconstruct 3D lung features from two dimensional data.
Sponsored by the Center for Toxicology
map Visualizing Data
From erosion Hazards in Malawi to desertification in Saudi Arabia, digital images can allow us to visualize vastly different data sets. Sponsored by the Office of Arid Lands Studies in the College of Agriculture.
cancer Image Processing & Cancer Diagnosis
This interactive tutorial at The Biology Project demonstrates the advances in cancer diagnosis made possible through the application of image processing techniques. In this case, mathematics gives physicians a powerful tool for catching cancer before it even begins. Sponsored by the Department of Optical Sciences
Infinity Infinity: Mathematics in Philosophy
Glimpse into infinity with the application of reasoning, in this illustrated, lively discussion of the characteristics of infinity.
Sponsored by the Department of Philosophy and Mathematics Across the Curriculum.
jupiter Images from Across the Solar System
Cameras go where no person has gone before! From neighboring Mars to the end of the Solar System, digital imaging has quite literally expanded the horizons of space exploration, bringing valuable information and startling discoveries to Earth-bound investigators.
Sponsored by the Space Imagery Center, Dept. of Planetary Sciences.
head Medical Imaging
This problem set at The Biology Project features the medical applications of digital imaging. Using complex mathematics, scientists can reconstruct two-dimensional data sets (such as MRIs and CT scans) into three-dimensional forms that help physicians make diagnoses.
diffraction Bending Light: Exploring refraction in a glass of water
This interactive online activity uses digital images to help students understand refraction of light in water.
Tree Ring Research and Image Processing
An introduction to the science of Dendrochronology, this exhibit features a link to an interactive crossdating activity created by the Laboratory of Tree Ring Research.
The Mathematics of CAT Scans
A step by step reconstruction of a human brain, using Filtered Back Projection.
Dynamical Systems, Chaos and Control
Undergraduate Research Projects are featured.
UA Department of Mathematics
maw98 MAW 98 Theme Essay: Mathematics and Imaging
For further applications of mathematical imaging, including courtroom evidence, FBI fingerprint compression and much more, be sure to read this year's theme essay at the national Math Awareness Week Site.

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