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May 4, 1998

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Stereoscopic Hypercube
What do you get when you integrate over a three-dimensional function? Welcome to Four Space.
This remarkable Java applet by Mark Newbold allows users to see a 3-D "shadow" of this enigmatic 4-D object, known to mathematicians as a tesseract. Forgot your 3-D glasses? Don't worry — just use the "cross-eyed" trick on stereo setting three.

The Basics of MRI
Center for Imaging Science at the Rochester Institute of Technology
From the basics of imaging to the details of Fourier Transforms, this site provides a thorough introduction to the science of imaging and the mathematics that make it possible.

Digital Imaging Resources on the WWW
UA College of Pharmacy compilation
This comprehensive collection of links contains sites devoted to image processing basics, file format information, and software/hardware recommendations.

3D Medical Imaging Gallery
University of Hamburg Center of Experimental Medicine Institute of Medical Informatics (Computer Science)
An impressive display of mathematics in action.

Mars Pathfinder Mission
The University of Arizona was instrumental in the collection and processing of images brought back from Mars.

Killer Bees!
University of Arizona, Southwest RIMS
Learn how Remote Sensing is being used to track the migration of Africanized Honey Bee populations in Southern Arizona.

Other MAW '98 Sites
See what's going on at other universities, high schools and middle schools across the country in celebration of Math Awareness Week.

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