Patrick Waters

PhD Student
Department of Mathematics, University of Arizona
Office: Math building room 709

My thesis advisor is Nick Ercolani. On 4/10/15 I defended my dissertation on random matrix combinatorics. Here is my slideshow.


  • Waters, P. (2014) Valence independent formula for the equilibrium measure
  • Curriculum Vitae

  • Patrick Waters CV, updated 11/18/2014
  • Research & Teaching statements

  • Research statement
  • Teaching statement
  • Computer code from d map generating functions and map counts

    Animations and slide shows

    Here is a sequence graphs and animations I composed demonstrating Wigner's semicircle, Sine and Airy kernel universality. I used these animations during a talk at Arizona Grad Student Colloquium.

    Here are some Animations of KdV solitons I showed at another Arizona Grad Student Colloquium.

    A slideshow I gave on my research at the Tucson sectional meeting of the AMS in 2012.


    Website for two 8-week minicoures on Fourier analysis and probability I taught in Spring 2014. The students were from IPSA in France, visitig University of Arizona on an exchange program.