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April 16, 1999

Math Awareness Month 1999

Links to Other Resources
Nonlinear Population Dynamics
Visit the homepage for the "Beetle Team", an interdisciplinary research group which generated the first demonstration of chaos in a laboratory population.
Honey Bee Population Simulator
The Queen is Dead! How will the hive react? Subject a "cyber" bee hive to a host of crisis situations, and learn about population dynamics at the same time. This valuable resource, entitled, "WebBeePop," is a product of the Carl Hayden Bee Research Center.
Mathematical Research in Population Dynamics
Explore the equations behind the Exhibit! For further study on the pendulum-swinging topics addressed in Dr. Aaron King's Online Exhibit, visit his site and get the whole story.
From the Pendulum to the Lynx and the Hare
Learn more about Non-Linear Biological Dynamics, including chaos theory, at this comprehensive collection of scholarly publications and compelling visual imagery.
Math Awareness at Arizona State University
See what's going on at the ASU campus during Math Awareness Month. Features include a lecture by Dr. James P. Keener, author of this year's official Math Awareness Theme Essay.
The Society for Mathematical Biology
Devoted to the promotion of scientific inquiry, this scholarly group features a monthly newsletter and a science discusion forum. Their International conference will be held this year in Amsterdam.
Other MAM '99 Sites
See what's going on at other universities, high schools and middle schools across the country in celebration of Math Awareness Month.
Math Awareness Week 1998
What was last year's theme? How quickly we forget. See exhibits on Tree Rings, Cancer, CAT Scans, Computers, Philosophy and more! Don't miss the Stereoscopic Hypercube, one of last year's favorites in the Links section.

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